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            2023 Youth Hoops Summer Programs by BMO               

*Check back for more locations to be added!*

ProgramDatesTime (CT)PriceStatus
Schaumburg - Ages 5-86/19-6/239am-12pm$175WAITLIST
Schaumburg - Ages 9-146/19-6/231-4pm$175WAITLIST
Sheil Park - Ages 5-86/19-6/239am-12pm$175


Sheil Park - Ages 9-146/19-6/231-4pm$175


Northbrook - Ages 5-86/26-6/309am-12pm$175WAITLIST
Northbrook - Ages 9-146/26-6/301-4pm$175WAITLIST
Advocate Center 1-day Clinic - Ages 7-107/89am-12pm$50WAITLIST
Advocate Center 1-day Clinic - Ages 11-147/81-4pm$50WAITLIST
Hoffman Estates - Ages 5-87/10-7/149am-12pm$175WAITLIST
Hoffman Estates - Ages 9-147/10-7/141-4pm$175WAITLIST
Advocate Center - Ages 7-107/10-7/149am-12pm$175


Advocate Center - Ages 11-147/10-7/142:30-5:30pm$175


Highland, IN - Ages 5-87/17-7/219am-12pm$175WAITLIST
Highland, IN - Ages 9-147/17-7/211-4pm$175WAITLIST
Hinsdale 1-day Clinic - Ages 5-87/229am-12pm$50WAITLIST
Hinsdale 1-day Clinic - Ages 9-147/221-4pm$50WAITLIST
La Grange - Ages 5-87/24-7/289am-12pm$175WAITLIST
La Grange - Ages 9-147/24-7/281-4pm$175WAITLIST
St. Rita HS (Chicago) - Ages 7-107/24-7/289am-12pm$175REGISTER
St. Rita HS (Chicago) - Ages 11-147/24-7/281-4pm$175REGISTER
Bolingbrook - Ages 5-87/31-8/49am-12pm$175WAITLIST
Bolingbrook - Ages 9-147/31-8/41-4pm$175WAITLIST
Arlington Heights - Ages 5-88/7-8/119am-12pm$175WAITLIST
Arlington Heights - Ages 9-148/7-8/111-4pm$175WAITLIST

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